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Environmental excellence
As well as sharing to reduce the total amount of resources used, Cohousing Canberra plans to build an environmentally positive development. This will include:

Passive solar design. Unlike most new apartments and townhouse developments in Canberra, most of the units will face north. This means they will be warmer in the winter as the sun enters the building. In the summer they will be cooler as shading can easily keep out the sun.

Transport. We hope to build near local facilities, bike and walking paths as well good public transport to reduce the need for car transport and private cars. We will build bike storage facilities.

Living Infrastructure. To reduce the urban heat island effect, we plan to have at least 30% tree canopy and green space – hopefully more. We also plan a communal vegetable garden.

Waste reduction – We aim to compost food waste on site and to reuse things within the community when we can.


Cohousing design by Allan Spira Architects

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