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New Cohousing opportunities 

Watson cohousing site

The ACT government is continued to develop its plans for north Watson and they include a cohousing site.  You can see the plans at Yoursay

The Watson site is one of the results of the  ACT government's Demonstration Housing Project.  This projected aims to demonstrate on the ground different forms of housing which could lead to a more sustainable future for Canberra. It aims to try out changes to the planning rules in Canberra so the Canberra community and planners can learn and build better in the future.

Cohousing Canberra applied to join the project and we were selected as one of the projects without a site in 2018. We are now forming a group of people to design and form the new community. Subscribe to our mailing list and become a member of Cohousing Canberra to get involved.

A smaller cohousing project, Stellulata, has a site and is progressing through the system as a demonstration housing project.

Other options

Of course, the demonstration housing project is not the only possible option. Cohousing Canberra members are keeping a watching brief on other potential sites for development. There is also the possibility of ‘retrofitting’ an existing neighbourhood to be more sustainable. This is happening in many

ways in Canberra, such as See Change, Canberra Organic Gardeners, Lyneham Commons, the City farm and many others. Or you can read about it in RetroSuburbia.


Cohousing Canberra concept plan.jpg
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