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Cohousing communities bring together the advantages of private homes and communal life.

Cohousing can be made up of standalone houses, townhouses, apartments, duplexes etc. It is where a group of people intentionally agree to work together to create a place where they can all live close to one another – independently in their own separate ‘homes’ – but sharing some things as part of the broader community. A key part of cohousing developments is that the future community shares in the design of the community to be.


What does Cohousing Canberra do?

Cohousing Canberra Inc. is a non-profit association set up to:

- promote and advocate for; and
- provide assistance and resources to its members to facilitate;

the establishment of cohousing developments in the ACT that are socially supportive,
economically viable and environmentally sustainable.



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Members are what makes cohousing a viable option in Canberra.


A membership base that's keen to see cohousing become reality enables the Association to cover the costs of maintaining a website, engaging consultants and hosting events.


Members are eligible to nominate for positions on the committee, and members are the ones who'll eventually become residents of supported cohousing projects, with the ability to have input into those projects.

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